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Review of my book by Dr. James R. Brady (in ASAPM)

LINK: Review of my book "The Project Management Answer Book" by: The American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (affiliated with the International Association of Project Management).   You might also be interested in: - My new article: "Top 10 Tips For  Marketing A Book Using Social Media" - My upcoming PMP classes: "3 classes [...]

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My next Presentation Skills / Train-the-Trainer class (MCT, CTT+, ACI certifications) will be Nov. 30 – Dec. 2

This popular class prepares instructors & presenters for 3 widely-recognized certifications for trainers: 1) CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer)2) MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)3) ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) These certifications give trainers a strong edge on the job market, especially valuable in this economy.  And you'll sharpen your skills while enjoying networking with your fellow trainers, in a [...]

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Recommendation: Short film about creativity in NYC

Here's something you don't see every day -- a tree in Manhattan wearing a colorful custom-knitted sweater!  True story: 3 women who run a gift store called Domus in Hell's Kitchen decide to brighten up the neighborhood.  They knit a giant custom-made sweater for a tree in front of their store, and this 4-minute film captures the magic. Click to play => Looons Make Art. [...]

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