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Flash Sale: The PMP Exam Simulator for $50 OFF! (starts today!)

Flash Sale! Get the PMP Exam Simulator from OSP Int’l for only $99  ($50 off) URL:       GIFT CODE:   sim99 Offer is from September 16 thru [...]

12 Podcasts From Cornelius Fichtner That Can ALL Help You Boost Your PMP Score

1) 12 Podcasts from Cornelius Fichtner that can ALL help you boost your PMP score (Free) Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM, President & Founder of OSP Int'l Part 1: [...]

“Growing Up With Survivors Of The Holocaust” (My podcast interview with Coach Sarah Elkins)

My parents were from Poland, and both were almost the only survivors in their families from the Holocaust in WW II. When Sarah Elkins, coach and author of the book: Your Stories Don’t Define [...]

Pass Your PMI-ACP — 3 Gift Codes (for the Simulator & Prepcast, OSP Int’l)

Here are 3 Gift Codes for the PMI-ACP test-prep products: 1)  PMI-ACP Simulator      Gift Code: jf-ACPSIM ($10 off) 2) Agile Prepcast (BASIC)      Gift Code: jf-AGILEbasic ($10 off) 3)  Agile Prepcast (ELITE)     [...]