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My PMP Textbook:

The Project Management Answer Book <2nd Edition>

  • Recommended by PMI as a Prep Book for the upcoming PMI-CAPM Exam 2023
  • Easy-to-read
  • Clear & concise
  • Handy Q&A Format
  • 43 Amazon Reviews (4.6 Average)
  • Many valuable PMP test tips
  • Many examples from my experience and that of my >1,000 students
  • Includes a robust chapter on Scrum Agile

– Jeff has been interviewed about his book by Elizabeth Harrin, Cornelius Fichtner, Johnny Beirne, Fazal Hussain, Henry Will, GovLoopSarder TV,  Soma Bhattacharya & more!

– First on the list: “The Best 8 Project Management Books On The Market!

4.6 Amazon Rating (43 Reviews) for the 2nd Edition!

 A few of the Amazon Customer Reviews below:

Verified Purchase

A well written, accurate and fantastic book written by an author whose expertise flows throughout the book. Great as a reference book
to supplement other books about Project Management. The Answer Book format is helpful and gets straight to the point. Furman’s book 
is filled with “Aha!” moments when complicated concepts are written in an easy to understand style. Good for students, academics 
and those working as project managers, it is a great book written by an author with a deep understanding of the subject. 
Many books on Project Management are available and this book is an excellent resource to add alongside any project management title. 
Job well done.

This book is an excellent tool for your toolbox

5 Stars

By S on March 9, 2015
I passed my PMP exam on the first try using Jeff’s book as a primary resource. This book is an excellent tool for your toolbox. The question and answer format provides a different lens to look at and understand the field of project management. I highly recommend Jeff’s book as an outstanding study aid for the PMP exam as well as an everyday reference for managing your projects.

A must Have for any Project Manager’s Bookshelf”

5 Stars

By J Danielle Stogdill on March 7, 2015
I have had the privilege of taking two of Jeff Furman’s classes at NYU’s School of Professional Studies. Jeff is an excellent instructor and his 2nd Edition of The Project Management Answer Book is a must have for any project manager whether you are a seasoned pro or preparing for the PMP or CAPM exams. I passed the PMP exam in December 2014 and The Project Management Answer Book was a huge part of my study routine. The PMP Test Tip Boxes are very helpful as are the many study templates and worksheets. Even after you pass your exam, you will find that The Project Management Answer book is a great day-to-day reference.

A must read for preparing and passing the PMP exam

5 Stars

By Jennifer on February 13, 2015

On this past Tuesday I took and passed the PMP exam with flying colors in a large part because of this book. I first read the Andy Crowe book (which is excellent and I recommend as well), and then this book which I found out was a supplement to the Crowe book. The first book was helpful at supplying a medium level of learning, but the Jeff Furman book will take you to that next level of understanding (which you will need for this exam).

There are a few things about this book that I feel made the difference between getting a passing grade on the exam. The first is that the author’s writing style is easy to read and there are lots of relevant examples and stories to help make the information stick. He is also very good at sliding in humor and comments to keep you entertained which is extremely helpful because, let’s face it, this can be dry material at times.

The second is that he has specifically called out information that tends to get confusing and clarifies it… for example: pg. 82 “What is Free float, and how does it differ from float?”, pg. 144 “What is redundancy testing (as opposed to redundancy design)?, pg. “How do reserve analysis and contingency reserves tie into time and cost management?”.

Third, the style of the book is perfect for ensuring that you know this information at a deep level. The Question and Answer style set up works because asking your self questions while you are reading material is a great way to make sure you know it… so this book is like having your own study buddy to quiz you to make sure you are asking yourself those questions… and it even gives you all the answers!

If you have a basic foundation of PMP terms, then this book will take you to the next level. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to take (and pass) the exam. I would even go so far to say, if you want to pass… do not take the exam without reading this first!


5 Stars

By CWilkens, PMP on February 2, 2015
I have been a PM for nearly seven years now, and I am constantly running into unique situations I have never encountered.
The first place I look for help is the answer book. This new edition, especially paired with the first one, serve as an invaluable tool and reference
to help me navigate the ever changing requirements of project management. If you are a PM, want to be a PM, or are involved in projects in any way,
GET THIS BOOK. You will not be disappointed.

27 Amazon Reviews (5 Star Average) for “The Project Management Answer Book, 1st Ed.) First Edition Reviews:

4 out of 5 stars Project Management Answer Book, January 9, 2014

“Easy and intuitive PM manual” January 9, 2014
Jeff Furman has distilled the tenets of Project Management and compiled them in an easy to understand, intuitive manual. A great place to start , whether you’re pursuing a career in PM or just want to improve your daily processes. Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars – The Project Management Answer Book, January 3, 2014

“The best guide ever!”
Jeff Furman is a master project manager and this book does a wonderful job at taking you through any scenario that can possibly come up! 
If you’re preparing for the test….. GET THIS BOOK!”

UK Review

(United Kingdom)

5 out of 5 stars Project Management Answer Book, Dec. 29, 2013

“Q&A Format – The Best” Dec. 29, 2013
For me the Q&A format works the best.I am not a heavy reader. I tend to learn more by practice than by reading tons of books.
For me the book is a reference as well as an effective learning tool which I can progress my learning with at my own pace. Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars The Project Management Answer Book, May 29, 2013

I had the pleasure of having Jeff Furman as an instructor as well as using his book to study for the PMP examination. The Project Management Answer Book lays out many of the issues and problems encountered in the profession in a clear and concise question-and-answer format. This reference was instrumental in my preparations for the PMP and I whole heartedly recommend it. Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars

If you’re are a project manager, this is a must read! May 22, 2013

By CWilkens, PMP

This review is from: The Project Management Answer Book (Paperback)

This book truly hit it’s intended mark. I read this book in preparation for the PMP exam, and it helped tremendously. Jeff’s (the author) insight and recommendations were without a doubt a difference maker when it came to the PMP exam. The best part about the book however, is that it is still very useful, as opposed to most other study guide type books. I have already used this book on my current project and will without a doubt continue to reference it for future projects. It is very easy to navigate, and is loaded with real world examples, useful templates, and explanations of how and when to use various tools and techniques.

Another redeeming quality of the book is that it is a compilation of many best practices. The author did not simply write a book about what worked for him, he did his homework and included best practices, tools, and tips from across the PM field. He referenced experts in specific fields, such as risk, quality, and motivational theory, and delved into previously uncharted territory on the subject of ethics.

Whether you are new to Project Management, a seasoned veteran, or just studying for your PMP exam, this book is a must read! Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars An essential resource for becoming PMP certified, May 21, 2013

By R.S. “R”.”  (United States)

This review is from: The Project Management Answer Book (Paperback)

Without a doubt, I could not have passed the PMP exam without this book. It is an absolutely necessary companion to Andy Crowe’s exam prep; it breaks down concepts into easy-to-consume chunks and expands on several critical areas.

 Most importantly, the scope of this book is not narrowed down to passing the PMP exam but focuses on developing successful project managers and can serve as a guide for real-world projects. This book should be on the desk of every PM as their go-to reference. Review:

4.0 out of 5 stars Review of The Project Management Answer Book, May 19, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Project Management Answer Book (Paperback)

I read Jeff Furman’s Project Management Answer Book with great interest. I highly recommend it because it is informative, highly readable and thorough. Professor Furman demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of project management and provides good advice for practicing and budding project managers. This book was a good resource for me when I studied for the PMP exam, and I appreciated the humor in the book as well! This is a definite go-to book for project management.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Resource for the PMP Certification and Project Management in general, May 18, 2013
By CVelez
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

A very well written book and excellent resource when preparing to take the PMP certification test.

Jeff Furman does a great job demonstrating the value of using project management processes in every day business scenarios.

As an IT manager this book will live on my shelf and continue to be referenced while I tackle many of the projects that pass my desk.

Carlos Review:

 5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars “Helped me pass the CAPM!” April 30, 2013
This review is from: The Project Management Answer Book (Paperback)

The Project Management (PM) Answer Book is, hands down, one of the most accessible books out there on project management. If you’re studying for a PMI certification but struggling to get through the PMBOK Guide, do yourself a favor and add this book to your study arsenal! I used the PM Answer Book extensively while preparing for the CAPM exam and I felt like it did a better job of explaining the knowledge areas than my test prep book. The chapters on procurement, communication and cost management were especially helpful. Don’t be fooled, this is not just a book for beginners. The PM Answer Book is also jam-packed with lessons learned, common pitfalls and strategies for success that project managers from all walks of life can apply to their work. Highly recommend. Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book, December 18, 2012

I highly recommend this book as it is both a superb reference for anyone interested in project management, and also a great supplement to any study guide for those planning on taking the PMP, CAPM, or CompTia’s Project+ certification exams. The question-answer format is quite helpful because it is easier for the reader to target specific areas of interest immediately and the author’s extensive knowledge of the subject and ability to take complex topics and describe them in a manner that leads to clarity and understanding is one reason I rate it 5 stars (plus). Many readers, I think, will experience certain “aha! I wanted to ask that question” moments while reading this book. As an educator, I have reviewed many books in various publications. I enjoyed each page and find myself coming back to this book for reference. Simply stated: Great book! Wise investment. This gem should be on anyone’s bookshelf that has an interest in project management. Great resource! Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Straight to the point, July 20, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This book is really great! There is a lot of information in a very easy-to-understand form.

I became a PM a less than one year ago and I’ve face many situations as described in the book. If I had read it before, I would have managed better and definitely had less headaches. Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Reference and Essential for Test Prep, March 28, 2012
By Steve Birch (Wurzburg, Germany) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Project Management Answer Book (Paperback)

I enjoyed the great fortune of having Jeff for a PMP class. His book is an excellent reference and he takes the time to use examples from his vast corporate experiences to help frame issues and processes. The book is well organized and seeks to help transfer book information into real world application. This book is essential to my library. How good is this book? Of the 12 people in my class (and we all used this book) we had a 100% first time pass rate on the PMP test. Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars The Project Management Answer Book, March 28, 2012
This review is from: The Project Management Answer Book (Paperback)

I would highly recommend the addition of this book to any PMP’s reference library. As a military professional with over 20 years of project management experience, I found Jeff’s book an excellent tool to fill in my knowledge gaps as I worked to earn my PMP certification. Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Up to date and comprehensive, July 20, 2011

“This book provides comprehensive coverage of a very important topic. The “question and answer” approach the author has chosen works very well for both newbies and veterans. The organization of this book generally follows the structure of PMI’s PMBoK but goes into more depth and detail in a number of areas, including several rarely covered adequately – e.g., Ethical Considerations in Chapter 9 and Leadership Best Practices in Chapter 12. Furman’s writing style is nicely succinct with no unnecessary elaboration or repetition. This book is ideally organized for learning and for reference.” ~Gary Gack, IT PM and Risk Management expert and author Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars 5.0 out of 5 stars, April 13, 2011


I find reading the Project Management Answer Book as the best resource for Project Management and can be read cover to cover or opened on any page with any subject.  Jeff Furman makes the PMBOK come to life. I am using his vast knowledge and obvious experience to study for the PMP exam, as a supplement and as a motivating source for the more difficult project management concepts.  I am also using his comments and written experience to resolve difficult issues at work such as how to manage stakeholder expectations and resolve issues on scope.  I look forward to additional work by the author Jeff Furman.” ~Ann K, Project Manager Review

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars PM Answer Book is Excellent! March 26, 2011


“PM Answer Book Is Excellent! I have read Jeff Furman’s Project Management Answer Book. It is an excellent source of reference information. The question then answer format in subject categories makes it easier to find what you are looking for and the answer information is comprehensive along with being well researched and organized. I’ve already used it a few times and it’s getting full of post-it note tabs to mark specific areas. I recommend this book.” ~Jeff H., Program Manager

Editorial Reviews for the First Edition

Editorial Review

By Vinay K. Singh, PMP, PRINCE2 (Tiger Learning) – March 11, 2013

“During the course of My PMP Exam study, I came across this gem of a book on Project Management in the eReads section of the PMI membership site. Though this cannot be categorized as a PMP study guide, I recommend this book to all PMP aspirants (and Project Managers in general). Written in a very informative and simple questions and answers style, this book is an undiscovered mine of PM information.

The Author, Jeff Furman covers all aspects of project management and includes practical tips on obtaining the PMP and related certifications. The Project Management Answer Book provides you with the tools you need to improve project performance and achieve high-quality, low-risk results immediately.

It has a very informative section on PMP study and exam strategy. Trust me, This Book is worth its weight in Gold!

You’ll find yourself giving it a permanent place on your office desk and taking it off your bookshelf again and again. What makes it different from a lot of PM books and PMP study guides (which it is not but is a must read for any Project Manager!) is that it answers everything … from taking certification exams … to the stages of project management … to dealing with social media.

I had a chance to interact with Jeff on Linkedin, and he is a very helpful person. He helped with a number of Project Management related forms (templates) which I occasionally use in my projects.”

Editorial Review

By Vicki James, PMP/CBAP, Professional Project Services (PPS) – December 8, 2012

“This is a great accompaniment to the PMBOK and any PMP/CAPM study material. Jeff has anticipated typical questions and areas of confusion to better describe some of the technical areas of PMBOK and certification study. He has also provided some quick guides and study references that will benefit anybody getting ready to sit for the exam. See the reviews to see what the 5 star reviewers have to say. No one has rated this book below 5 stars.”

Audience: New Project Managers, PMPs in training

Focus: PMBOK in a simple, straight-forward question and answer format.

Recommended format: Hard copy. You will want to be able to flip back and forth and mark certain spots easily.

Editorial Review

By AdaQuest <Project & Work Management Newsletter> – October 2012

“We are delighted to feature Jeff Furman’s The Project Management Answer Book. The Answer Book provides a quick and easy framework of reference to a myriad of PM concepts, allowing PMs and those looking for answers and tips, to improve project performance, and gain immediate access to answers without having to sift through tons of information.”


Editorial Review

By Dr. James R. Brady for the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management

General Assessment of the Book: “I think Mr. Furman has done a first-rate job of preparing a readable reference which should be useful to PM newcomers, as well as many old-timers. It could serve as a general textbook, but the Q&A format also makes it a handy desk reference. Given his current job focus on preparing people to become certified by PMI, it is understandable that much of the content is linked to PMI’s PMBOK® references. However, he does avoid the narrower dogmatism of some other PMP trainers/prophets I have recently encountered in classes and meetings. In the chapter on “Project Management Basics,” Mr. Furman stresses that a project manager often has to deviate from the original plans and procedures to adjust to internal and external changes. As suggested in the book’s Q&A #20, the Project Manager thus needs to hang loose or be “agile.”

… I first focused on Chapter 9: “Ethical Considerations PMs face on the Job,” since this area is often omitted from PM books. I was also reflecting on my personal experiences in evaluating projects where questionable practices of project managers and/or contractors were often glossed over or ignored. I think some of the problems I encountered might have been avoided if the organizations had applied some of Mr. Furman’s suggestions for clarifying, formalizing, publicizing, and then enforcing ethical standards and guidelines…”

Link to full review

Editorial Review

By Chester Sanders, reviewer for PM World Today:

– “This book is a wealth of information related to project management.  Someone told me once that a good project manager can be a mile wide and an inch deep.  This book is the same way, a mile wide and an inch deep.  In working with the book over the last several weeks I was surprised how often all I needed was that “inch” of information.  Normally I have to shift through tons of data to pull out the info I need to start solving a problem. This book provides the summary data in a format that is quick and easy to use.

–  This book is a great reference for inexperienced as well as seasoned project managers however the inexperienced project managers will get the most use of the book. I would strongly suggest it to anyone new to project management.

– Even with many years of project management experience I have used this book multiple times over the past several weeks to quickly gain access to needed information.  It is that high-level guidance that will be all an inexperienced PM normally needs to keep things going down the right path.”

Link to full review

Editorial Review

By Ronda Roberts, reviewer for Bright Hub:

“How can I memorize the processes in project management? What happens when I have an ongoing project? What qualities should I look for in team members? What do I do if there’s a conflict on my team? No matter what questions you come up with, chances are, you’ll find it – and the answer – in Jeff Furman’s The Project Management Answer Book.This handy reference (that I myself have on my shelf and have found invaluable when it comes to finding answers to technical questions) is a great reference. You’ll find yourself pulling it off your shelf again and again. It includes answers to everything from taking certification exams to the stages of project management to dealing with social networking as a project manager.”

Was included in Bright Hub’s 2011 “Top 10 Books Every PM Should Have In His Or Her Collection” by Ronda Roberts

Link To Full Review

Editorial Review

By Kathleen Leary for PMI’s New Practitioner’s CoP (April 2012)

“This book provides a succinct guide to concepts, skills and best practices used in project management. It contains the basics covered in the PMBOK Guide…along with other techniques and practices that the author has gathered in industries he has worked in and gained from project management students…

The chapters are brief and the style is easy-to-read questions and answers. The book also is a concise and easy-to-use reference book. It provides the reader with the tools needed to improve project performance and accomplish high-quality, low-risk results right away.

I recommend Furman’s book to project management students and new practitioners, and to experienced project managers because it is well-written and covers key project management concepts, definitions and resources. The quick study, practice worksheets in the Appendix are great tools for the reader to use to test their knowledge of formulas, knowledge areas and processes for the PMP® and other certifications.”

Link To Full Review  (and click on: “Get Involved” / “Communities of Practice” / “New Practitioners” (free to PMI members)

Editorial Review

By Mary McNally, PMP/ITIL, review for: Project Management Instructor Networking Group (Linkedin)

“I just finished reviewing ‘The Project Management Answer Book by Jeff Furman. It is a great book for novice project managers, as well as those preparing to sit for a PMI credential exam. I intend to recommend this book to my PMP certification exam prep students to supplement the PMBOK Guide in studying for the PMP exam. It is written in an easy to follow Q & A format and includes several lists of ‘Top Ten Pitfalls’.”

Excerpt from the book’s Forward by Andy Crowe:

By Andy Crowe,  from the Foreword to ~The Project Management Answer Book~  ““This book covers an amazing breadth of topics.  The advice it offers is concise and straightforward.  It is brimming with wisdom from someone who faced these questions in the real world and has sifted through the various theories and practices to find what works. If you are just starting out as a project manager, Furman’s book is the perfect place to begin. It is a rich resource of concepts and practical help… If you have been practicing project management for some time, this will earn a place on your desk as an excellent field reference. How many times have you wished you had a particular template, example, or a guide to walk you through a process?”

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MORE KUDO NOTES I’ve received about the book:

May 30, 2012 “Bought the Kindle version…saved $20+. Really like this book. Very informative and helpful. Bought the paperback copy to keep at my desk. The Kindle will be travel companion.” ~Ric T.

June 23, 2011 “Jeff,   just wanted to let you know that I passed my test today (23 JUN)!  Add my name to the growing list of students successfully trained by Jeff Furman.  Thanks for everything… I could not have done it without your class.  Keep doing what you do…” ~Leon J.

June 4, 2011 “Jeff, I passed my test today… The class was excellent prep.  Crowe’s book and yours were invaluable tools.  I think the recommendations in them are great.  I especially appreciate your book’s insights and top ten lists. It has more of a handbook feel for post test work.  Again, thanks for the class and help. Enjoy your holiday.” ~Steve B,  Program Manager

June 2, 2011 “Jeff–I passed my PMP–yet another testament to your great prep method, content, and resources. Your picks for books and the templates are right on the money! The points you emphasized in the class were just the points I needed for my version of the exam. I’m glad you spent the time you did on professional responsibility…”  ~Tom C, Project Manager

June 5, 2011I also wanted to say that your book is a great companion to the Andy Crowe book. It helps you better understand concepts where you might not have any practical experience.  Regards.  ~Dave S,  Project Manager

“Hi Jeff, I’ve been reading your book and found it to be interesting, well-written and I love it.  The well-written part to me, is that you basically write in common sense terms, which I love.  The KISS method always prevails.  It’s funny, because I actually see myself in your questions and answers.” ~Carmen C, Project Manager

“Jeff Furman has done it again. What he brought to the classroom he has now extended to the page. Furman’s approach to disseminating his wealth of knowledge on project management and leading successful projects is bite-size and digestible. The chapter on leadership is a must-have addition to every project manager’s arsenal of skills. And leave it to Furman to relate the importance of this subject in his usual clear and engaging style.” ~Jo Bakal, PMP, Major Financial Institution, NYC

“I read the chapter on Leadership Best Practices and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read the entire book. You were able to incorporate the feeling and human side of things into what can sometimes often be the very technical side of project management. Often PM’s can be so robotic and corporate. I believe that the human interaction and touch has been left out of our management techniques more and more as time has progressed.

In the PM Answer Book, Jeff Furman provides the PM with empowering tools and techniques written in positive, not-traditional, and clear and understandable language. Jeff merges complex PM techniques with out-of-the-box leadership best practices to avoid pitfalls, thus allowing the PM to not only be more effective, but also leave a positive and lasting impact on team members and stakeholders. This book is undoubtedly a good read which positive thinking PM’s will want to keep handy as a reference.” ~Tom Robbins, President, TekSoft Training and Consulting, LLC

“This book is a must-have resource for new and seasoned project managers alike.  Jeff Furman communicates straightforward, real-world experience and topical expertise in an easy-to-follow question/answer format with clear and well delivered explanations that keep the reader interested, focused, and wanting to learn more. Whether searching for an introductory taste, a study guide for the PMP/CAPM certifications, or a way to refine and enhance senior-level PM skills, this book is an invaluable teaching tool and mainstay reference.Thank you.” ~Evan Gould, Co-Founder and COO, Aldea International Corporation

“This is the only book that combines PM theory with concrete real-life examples. It’s an easy to read book with answers to questions that all PMs have. I believe this is a must have book for successful PM practitioners.” ~Gary Jin King, VP/Program Manager for Major Investment Bank

“I still remember the first class that Jeff taught for me << when I was Training Manager at NetCom Information Technology>>. All students became certified on their first attempt, and were so impressed with his project management knowledge and experience with the tools and his unique, results-oriented teaching style. He is a project management guru! I am very happy that his project management secrets will get to a large audience with this answer book. Jeff Furman is one of the best PMP trainers I have known, who doesn’t compromise the quality of training for anything.” ~Rubel Khan, Director of Training, Unitek Education

Special Sections Not Covered In Other PM Books:

  1. Ethics (detailed chapter on this important area, which is key to passing the new version of the PMP exam, after the August 31, 2011 change)
  2. Advanced Communications Chapter – many advanced tips + pitfalls to avoid
  3. Advanced HR Chapter
  4. Leadership 
  5. Social Media for PMs
  6. The PMP Application (full chapter on everything you need to know to help you fill out your application, plus many test proven tips)