Debunking a false rumor about the PMP: ~Submission Requirements~

//Debunking a false rumor about the PMP: ~Submission Requirements~

Debunking a false rumor about the PMP: ~Submission Requirements~

A PM I met this week had a concern that she might not be eligible for her PMP because she hadn’t done PM work in the last 2 years.
The False Rumor: Is that you can’t apply for your PMP exam if you haven’t been employed doing project work the last 3 years.
The True Fact: The requirement is that candidates must be able to document at least 3 years of PM experience in the last 8 years.

Where this false rumor may have originated:
One of the requirements on the PMP application states:
“Project management experience dating back at least three years from application submittal date.” While this statement may be slightly confusing, it does NOT mean PM experience in the past 3 years necessarily, but simply means 3 years PM experience (I confirmed this today 4/15/2011 with 2 different support reps at PMI! – JF)
NOTE It’s recommended that PMP candidates pay close attention to all requirements documented in both: 1) The PMP Handbook and 2) Your PMP application itself
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