Recommendation: Short film about creativity in NYC

//Recommendation: Short film about creativity in NYC

Recommendation: Short film about creativity in NYC

Here’s something you don’t see every day — a tree in Manhattan wearing a colorful custom-knitted sweater!  True story: 3 women who run a gift store called Domus in Hell’s Kitchen decide to brighten up the neighborhood.  They knit a giant custom-made sweater for a tree in front of their store, and this 4-minute film captures the magic.

Click to play => Looons Make Art.

The film includes interviews with Nicki and Luisa from Domus and a lot of shots of the tree with passers-by stopping and reacting to it, making you feel like you’re there on the NYC sidewalks.  Very moving portrait of an only-in-New York-story.

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— Has been selected for a local arts festival: Hell’s Kitchen Arts Fest

— Comments left by viewers in YouTube:

  • I love NY! Great story!!
  • Inspiring story!
  • This was fascinating. New York is a city filled with magic and creativity.
  • This story and these women ARE an inspiration to the power of Art. It feeds the soul.
  • What a sweet tribute! It is rare to see this kind of heartfelt community celebration anywhere else but New York.
  • Love it! This kind of story reminds me why I love New York, especially when it’s hot out and it’s hard to find reasons like this.
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