Sneak Preview: PMBOK V6 Changes (3rd Quarter 2017!)

///Sneak Preview: PMBOK V6 Changes (3rd Quarter 2017!)

Sneak Preview: PMBOK V6 Changes (3rd Quarter 2017!)

Cover: Sneak Preview

PMBOK V6 (Sneak Preview)

On September 26, 2016 I attended a presentation by Cynthia Snyder Dionisio, head of the PMBOK V6 Upgrade Project, at the PMINAC 2016 in San Diego. I’ve incorporated more new details into my post below (published earlier) based on Cyndi’s presentation and also from Project Management Podcast #371 (Cyndi’s interview with Cornelius Fichtner re: PMBOK V6).

Cover of new PMBOK V6 (coming soon!)

Presentation: Cyndi Snyder Dionisio (PMINAC 2016)

There will be some Major Changes:

1) Will be 49 Processes: (up from 47 in V5)

2) Three New Processes:

  • Manage Project Knowledge (new Integration EXECUTING process)
  • Implement Risk Responses (new Risk EXECUTING process)
  • Control Resources (new HR Executing process)

3) One Deleted Process:

  • TheClose Procurements process has been removed
  • Its functionality has been consolidated into the “Close Project or Phase” Process

 4) Two Knowledge Area Re-Names:

  • Time Management (Knowledge Area) renamed to Manage Schedule
  • HR Management (Knowledge Area) renamed to Project Resource Management 

5) Process Re-Names:

  • Perform Quality Assurance process will be renamed Manage Quality
  • Control Risks will be renamed “Monitor Risks

6) Talent Management Triangle:

        There will be strong emphasis on this new triangle:

  • New Chapter 3 of the PMBOK will be devoted to “The Role of the PM” where many aspects of the PM’s role will be specifically mapped to this Triangle.
  • See my book, The PM Answer Book, 2nd Edition – for a diagram & explanation of this new triangle (P. 346-346, Q&A 49, and Figure 12-8)

7) Process Tailoring – What is this?

Tailoring means analyzing the project to determine how much emphasis to put on each process (based on the scope & size of the project).

Cornelius Fichtner, Host of The PM Podcast


8) When will the PMP Exam be changing?

The PMP Test is scheduled to change sometime in 2018 (possibly as early as Jan. 18) to reflect new PMBOK V6.

9) Will there be a corresponding new ECO? (Exam Content Outline)

YES! Per the presentation at PMINAC 2016: 

  • The new PMBOK V6 will come out 3rd Quarter 2017
  • A new ECO will come out to go with the new PMBOK V6
  • The new PMP Exam will come out January 2018 based on the new ECO (which will largely map to new PMBOK V6)

10) “Ongoing” vs. “Non-Ongoing” Processes

There will be various notations throughout the new PMBOK differentiating between processes which are “Ongoing” (continuously executing) vs. non-ongoing processes.”

This concept will be emphasized for the first time in new PMBOK V6.

11) Project Scope vs. Product Scope

This concept will be emphasized for the first time in new PMBOK V6.

(See my book, “The Project Management Answer Book, 2nd Ed.” for treatment of Project Scope vs. Product Scope, p. 50, Q&A 13)

12) EVM now includes Earned Schedule Management

The Earned Value tool-kit supported by the PMBOK will now include “Earned Schedule Management.

13) Distinction between “Communication” vs. “Communications”

        With V6, for the first time the PMBOK V6 differentiate between:

         – Communication (as in communicating between two people)


         – Communications (artifacts, such as published emails)

14) New Risk Strategy: “Escalate Responses”

      The new strategy, “Escalate Responses” provides for a PM escalating a risk to the appropriate party so that the risk is no longer his/her responsibility. Once escalated, the PM will now have the option of either:

A) Removing the risk from the project’s risk register if desired, or

B) Keeping it in the risk register, but classifying it as “Escalated/Assigned To.”

15) New: Lessons Learned Register

Good news for Lessons Learned fans! The new Lessons Learned Register is now part of the set of ITTOs, which PMs will be encouraged to update on a frequent basis (not just at the end of the project). Updates can be done at any time throughout the project, especially at the end of project phases (similar to the “Retrospective” in Agile).

16) More a Guide – Less Prescriptive

  • The guide itself is taking on more of a voluntary instead of mandatory tone in some areas. For instance, for Requirements Collection, they might now say something to the effect that:

“Here is a list of possible choices of tools. Choose any of these that best might fit your current project.”

17) ITTO Bundling

  • Instead of referencing numerous sub-components of the Project Management Plan, e.g., “Scope Mgt Plan, Schedule Mgt Plan, Quality Mgt Plan, etc., the new Guide will simply say “Project Management Plan” where possible.

18) Last but not Least:  A G I L E !

(Updated Nov. 8, 2017)

  • PMBOK V6 is the first version of the PMI PMBOK to include Agile terminology and concepts throughout.
  • In addition, a new document: The Agile Practice Guide, will be coming out from PMI as a companion document to PMBOK V6.
  • And yes, Agile will be on the PMP test! (MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW)  



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