Outstanding Presentation on Sustainability last nite: Laurent Claquin (ISSP NYC)

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Outstanding Presentation on Sustainability last nite: Laurent Claquin (ISSP NYC)

Laurent Claquin, President of Kering Americas, presenting for ISSP NYC (4/19/2017) at NYU Stern

Laurent Claquin, President,Kering Americas

A large group of sustainability-minded professionals and students was treated to an extremely well-received seminar last night by Laurent Claquin, President of Kering Americas (parent company of 20 global luxury, sports, and lifestyle brands, including Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and Puma).
Laurent Chaquin (left) and Tensie Whelan (right)

Laurent Claquin (left) & Tensie Whelan (right)

Ahead of the Sustainability Curve: Kering Americas

Mr. Claquin shared many examples of how Kering Americas is setting the pace for sustainability in the luxury fashion industry, including:

  • Charter and Code of Conduct – Sustainability has been integral to both company documents since the Nineties
  • Part of Annual Reviews – Kering Executives are rated each year on how well they achieved the company’s sustainability goals
  • EPNL – Environmental Profit And Loss Index (A unique app developed by Kering used to determine the environmental impact of their products).
  • Responsible Sourcing – raw materials used in Kering products are responsibly sourced, e.g., their diamonds are 100% traceable to certified mines
  • “Vegetable Leather” – Stella McCartney, one of the Kering Companies, uses a plant-based leather for many of their product lines.
  • Recycling Fabric – The company recycles by removing the polyester from used fabrics and reusing the cotton
  • Less Water / Fewer Chemicals – are metrics in much of the company’s production.
  • R&D To Grow Leather From Stem Cells.

Q. What Got You So Interested In Sustainability?

When asked the above question by Mark Wolf, one of the co-founders of ISSP NYC, during the Q&A, Claquin gave a surprising and memorable answer:

A. “I was once on one of the Greek Islands in the Mediterranean around 30 years ago, and I wanted to order locally-caught fish for dinner that night. The restaurant on the island had fish from many other countries, but none from their own waters. And when I went diving the next day, I saw why — there were no fish in the waters around the island! I realized then the urgency.”

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