#2 in NEW SERIES: Final Advice To PMP Test-Takers Before Jan 2021. “RECO: Take Quizzes By Topic with the PMP Exam Simulator”

//#2 in NEW SERIES: Final Advice To PMP Test-Takers Before Jan 2021. “RECO: Take Quizzes By Topic with the PMP Exam Simulator”

#2 in NEW SERIES: Final Advice To PMP Test-Takers Before Jan 2021. “RECO: Take Quizzes By Topic with the PMP Exam Simulator”

Cornelius Fichtner, President, OSP Int’l

Timed & Learning Quizzes

Instead of doing 200 Question Practice Exams, which is very tiring and can result in over-kill and burn-out, The PMP Exam Simulator from OSP Int’l offers a great feature called Timed & Learning Quizzes.

This lets you select short quizzes of 10 or more questions (whatever number you ask for, I like 10 myself).

10 is a very good number of questions because you can do quick quizzes, give yourself 10 minutes per 10 questions, then go over the answers and study the rationales for each one, writing down any Lessons Learned from the questions that will help you in your final study for your PMP exam.

With the PMP Exam Simulator “Times & Learning Quizzes” option, you can also pick questions based on:
1) Knowledge Area
2) Process Group
3) Random
This is a really good way to practice. For instance, you can:
  1. Review Quality Management,
  2. Then do a 10 question quiz on Quality Management,
  3. Then go over your answers,
  4. Then jot down any Lessons Learned to help you toward the test from any of the 10 questions. Especially from any you get wrong, but also from ones you get right — often there’s a good comment in the “Rationale” provided for each of the 4 answers that helps you learn a little more from a question.

TIP: You can also select “Only show me Unanswered Questions” on the same screen, so you’ll know your score on every quiz will be based on new questions each time.

TIP: You might also do 1 or 2 Full-Length Exams in the Simulator, but my recommendation is that “Less is More” and you can get a lot out of doing short quizzes, while avoiding burn-out.

Mid 70s is a very good average score on the Practice Quizzes (from OSP’s PMP Simulator)

Once you’re getting in the 70s as an average, that a good indication you’re getting ready to test.
Many of my students don’t often get as high as 80 on the practice quizzes,
but once they’re averaging in the 70s, they do very well on the test.
  • The more practice quizzes you do, the faster you get on answering questions.
  • And more importantly, the more you keep learning by studying the logic around each answer in the Rationale provided by the OSP PMP Exam Simulator.

Look up the references in the PMBOK provided by the PMP Exam Simulator

Another tip is to take the extra couple of minutes to look up the references in the PMBOK provided in many of the Rationales provided by the OSP PMP Exam Simulator.  Much more interesting, and more productive, than slogging through the entire PMBOK, is to look up the page in the PMBOK cited in the Rationale for each practice question (at the bottom of the Rationale, following the explanation of the Correct and Incorrect answers).

Perfect For Anyone Who Missed The Test The First Time

If anyone missed their first try on the PMP Exam, their Score Sheet will tell them exactly which of the 5 Process Groups they need to do more studying on. The Quizzing By Process Group feature of the PMP Exam Simulator from OSP is a great way to drill on just one Domain at a time, per the score sheet.

$40 Discount On The PMP Exam Simulator From OSP Int’l

Once you’ve learned the material well, it’s also important to do a lot of practice questions. The tool I recommend the most is The PMP Exam Simulator from OSP Int’l where you can use my Gift Code as an OSP Affiliate to get the $40 discount.

  • 1,600 Questions
  • Continuously updated by expert staff of PMPs / CSMs / PMI-ACPs
  • Expert Rationales provided on all 4 choices on all questions
  • References to the PMBOK page for many of the questions (Rationales)

Gift Code for $40 off: jf-pmpsim6

My PMP Book: The Project Management Answer Book, 2nd Edition

  • Five Star Average Review on Amazon (38 Reviews)
  • Easy-To-Read Q&A Style
  • Liked by readers in 66 countries so far!
  • Filled with test tips in Call-Out Boxes
  • Many proven test tips, diagrams, figures

Any questions let me know. And I look forward to hearing when you get your PMP.
Best, Jeff

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