#3 in NEW SERIES: Final Advice To PMP Test-Takers Before Jan 2021. “Taking your PMI test from home? A few Tips & Gotchas”

/, PMP/#3 in NEW SERIES: Final Advice To PMP Test-Takers Before Jan 2021. “Taking your PMI test from home? A few Tips & Gotchas”

#3 in NEW SERIES: Final Advice To PMP Test-Takers Before Jan 2021. “Taking your PMI test from home? A few Tips & Gotchas”

The OPT option (Online Proctored Test) is now available for 3 PMI certification exams: PMP, CAPM & PMI-ACP.

I took an OPT exam just the other day (passed my PMI-ACP!) and I wanted to share a few tips from my experience, plus a few more from my PMP students, who have all been testing from home due to the Covid-19 threat.

1) No Scrap Paper Allowed – But there is a “Whiteboard” feature

Test-takers are NOT allowed to write on scrap paper of any kind. But you ARE permitted to use the test-software’s Whiteboard feature (for calculations and for creating a brain dump).

2) You ARE allowed to test the Whiteboard feature prior to your test date

A tip is that when you get your email confirming your test, a link will be provided to your Pearson VUE account, letting you practice the Whiteboard feature before your test date. I recommend this (to save time having to get acclimated to the Whiteboard on test-day)

3) “No Talking!”

Robert Klein: “No Talking” (“Child of the 50s”)

Reminiscent of comedian Robert Klein’s classic No Talking routine…

One of the rules about the OPT in your confirmation email from Pearson VUE is that it’s prohibited to talk to yourself out-loud in any way during the test.

It feels a bit uncomfortable not to be allowed to talk in your own home. But this is one of the rules you pledge to follow when you click “Accept Conditions.” Failure to follow the rules can risk forfeiting your test (and fee). So it’s worth spending a few minutes reading the rules carefully.

4) No External Monitors / Devices Allowed

One of my students told me the proctor did not allow her to use a large screen she had connected to her laptop externally. So if you need a larger screen, you might want to borrow a friend’s PC in advance.

You don’t want to be told you can’t use your planned configuration when you’re all geared-up to start your test.

5) Bug with the Pearson VUE Camera App – Signing in to take the test

Hopefully you won’t encounter this bug — But I did.

You will be asked to take a couple of photos as part of the initial signing-in process. The instructions told me to use a smart-phone if possible, or else to use the camera on my laptop for those with no smart-phone available.

So I tried to use the camera on my iPhone. But I encountered a glitch, where the camera option did NOT work (even though my phone’s camera works fine otherwise). So I had to quickly switch over and take the photos using my laptop’s camera, which wasted some time.

As my Jewish mother used to say, “I suffered so you don’t have to.” In that spirit, I’m letting you know in advance in case you encounter this bug, or anything similar.

NOTE – I reported this bug to PMI / Pearson VUE, so hopefully it will be fixed asap, before others encounter it.

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