More Help For Your PMP: My new eBook (just $2.99 on Amazon)

//More Help For Your PMP: My new eBook (just $2.99 on Amazon)

More Help For Your PMP: My new eBook (just $2.99 on Amazon)

Many PMP candidates find the lengthy list of terms to know for the test overwhelming. My new eBook makes learning the PM keywords and concepts a lot easier.

Boost Your PMP Score: Learn The Keywords As Logical Pairs

Thousands of my students have passed their PMP. And a big tip that helps them is focusing on the many keywords that have similar-sounding terms, and learning those as pairs.

Some of these pairs are opposites. Some are similar, with subtle differences.  And some are synonyms. Which all makes for very tricky multiple choice questions.

This book will help you learn the terms faster, understand them better, and easily differentiate them on the test.


  • I’ve organized keyword pairs by the 10 Knowledge Areas.
  • I’ve also included two more lists of pairs: General PM Terms and Ethics In PM.
  • I’ve added a few more lists of terms which go together in sets of 3, 4, and 5.


For each pair or set of terms in the book, ask yourself these 2 questions:

Q1. How are the terms different?

Q2. How are they similar?

  • Then take notes about each term, in relation to its counterpart(s), to help your test-prep.


  • This book is for candidates going for the current PMP Exam (Version 6).
  • I will be publishing a second edition with the expanded list of terms for the new PMP exam after the January 2021 changes (Version 2021).


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2) My PMP Book

The Project Management Answer Book, 2nd Edition

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