Upcoming PM / Agile Events in NYC – January 2015

Carolyn Wendrowski (Jan 26) 1. Agile NYC with the Rockefeller Foundation - Jan. 26   Day/Date/Time: Monday, Jan. 26, 5:30 Location: Pace University, 163 William Street (2nd Floor) Speakers: Carolyn Wendrowski and Jose Diaz (The Rockefeller Foundation) Topic: "Infusing Agile Beyond IT" Registration Link             2) Speed Mentoring (PMINYC - [...]

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Freedom Tower Out The Window! (from NYC SCRUM monthly meeting, 7/17/2014)

Photo taken from the NYC Scrum meeting led by Nancy Winslow on July 17, 2014: "Intrinsic Motivation – The Oxygen To Organically Motivate Scrum Teams” Enjoyed the excellent presentation by Nancy Winslow, PMP, CSM -- Details below: Based on the work of Daniel Pink, Nancy will explain how science has proven the power of intrinsic [...]

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Upcoming Classes (Spring & Summer 2014)

Instructor - Jeff Furman, PMP® - Now teaching 6 courses for NYU SCPS: 1) Basic PM  2) PMP Prep 3) Ethics In PM (New!) 4) Persuasive Presentations For PMs (New!) 5) PM Summer Intensive (Communications Management Section) 6) PM Principles For Construction Professionals With 5 of my NYU students at the PMI NYC Holiday Party(Clockwise: Emma, [...]

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Scrum / Agile / PMP Events in Sept/Oct 2014

1. NY SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network)     Day/Date: Monday, September 22     Time:      5:30 - 7:30     Topic:     IT Politics - Which will You Choose: Stories or Facts (Edwin Cabrera)     Speaker: Edwin Cabrera     Registration Link 2. PMI NYC Annual North Fork Winery Tour & Networking [...]

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AGILE Events in NYC in July

    1) NYC SCRUM - Thursday, July 18 - Free - At The IBM Design Lab (NYC) Seminar:  Scrum and Kanban Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter at Uber Scale  Presenter: Brent Hurley LOCATION: IBM Design Lab 590 Madison Avenue, 13th Floor, NY NY 10022 Registration Link  2) Agile NYC User Group Meeting - Monday, [...]

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Upcoming Agile / Scrum / PM events in Manhattan in June

1) Agile NYC User Group Meeting - Monday, June 17, 2013 Location: Pace University, 163 William St, 2nd Fl.  Registration Link Presenters: Mariya Breyter and Ilio Krumins-Beens, Kaplan Learning Mariya Breyter, Kaplan Learning     Ilio Krumins-Beens, Kaplan Learning   2) PMI NYC Chapter - Agile Users Group - Tuesday, June 11th Topic: "How Valuable [...]

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