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Top 10 Trainer’s Tips For PMs Giving Presentations

How many times have you attended presentations where the presenter knew the content, but the slides were too busy, or there were technical glitches which distracted the audience? I have given hundreds of classes and presentations, and also taught many Train The Trainer classes.  And I've put my best 10 tips into an article: "Top 10 Trainer's Tips For PMs Giving [...]

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Big change coming to the PMP test: How can my book help you?

Per PMI's Announcement there are significant changes coming to the PMP exam effective Aug. 31st, especially that there will no longer be a separate section on Ethics.  Instead, Ethics  & Social Responsibility questions will be interspersed throughout the 5 Process Group sections (making the test harder!)  HOW MY BOOK CAN HELP YOU WITH THIS CHANGE:  My book,  "The Project Management Answer Book" offers  an extensive chapter on Ethics (much [...]

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Recommended Webinar: “The Scoop on the New PMI Agile Practitioner Cert” (March 17th)

A free teleconference / webinar will be offered by PMI on their upcoming new Agile Cert Thursday, March 17th, from 12:00 noon - 1:00 PM EST. Rory McCorkle, product owner of the new cert at PMI, will be interviewed by Agile Coach and Trainer Sally Elatta on the background, goals and future direction of this credential.  Rory will also take live questions during the call.  For details [...]

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3 Agile user-group events in NYC in March

For PMs interested in Agile Management, 3 recommended events coming up this month: 1)  Agile NYC Users Group,, March 17th, Speaker: Jutta Eckstein, "Agile Software Development In The Large," Location: The Ladders, 205 Hudson St. 2) PMI NYC Agile Workshop, March 21st, Led by: Gene Gendel, contact:, Location: Microsoft, 1290 6th Ave  (for members of PMI NYC) 3) NYC [...]

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It’s official: new Agile Cert announced by PMI!

For PMs specializing in Agile Management, a new certification has been announced by PMI. The pilot program will be starting in April 2011, and then after that, customers can apply starting May 1st. For details, go to PMI's FAQ at:

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