Makes a great Stocking-stuffer! (31 out of 31 Five-Star Amazon Reviews for my book: “The Project Management Answer Book”)

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Makes a great Stocking-stuffer! (31 out of 31 Five-Star Amazon Reviews for my book: “The Project Management Answer Book”)

So far my book, The Project Management Answer Book, 2nd Edition has gotten 31/31 Five-Star Amazon Reviews.

The reviewers cite how the book helped them pass their CAPM and PMP tests. They like the Q&A style, the PMP test tip boxes, the hands-on examples, and the easy-to-use templates and diagrams. They also mention the Quick-Sheets and test-prep activities that I originally created for my PMP Prep classes and now include in the book.

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And here are a few of my favorite of the reviews:

1) A Must Have for any Project Manager’s Bookshelf!

5.0 out of 5 stars

By J Danielle Stogdill on March 7, 2015

I have had the privilege of taking two of Jeff Furman’s classes at NYU’s School of Professional Studies. Jeff is an excellent instructor and his 2nd Edition of The Project Management Answer Book is a must have for any project manager whether you are a seasoned pro or preparing for the PMP or CAPM exams. I passed the PMP exam in December 2014 and The Project Management Answer Book was a huge part of my study routine. The PMP Test Tip Boxes are very helpful as are the many study templates and worksheets. Even after you pass your exam, you will find that The Project Management Answer book is a great day-to-day reference.

2) This is great complimentary book to read along side PMBOK

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Sanaz on April 29, 2015

This is the book you want to read when you are preparing for your PMP exam; it touches on most important details of PMBOK, and helps you know how to study; This is a great complimentary book to read along side PMBOK.

3) The best companion for your PMP studies !!!

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Marcel Nadal Michelman on November 21, 2016

Finding the right book to study for a PMP certification test can be an extremely difficult task.

In addition to the regular topics, the test might also contain unusual questions and concepts that go beyond the theory of project management. Therefore, it is very unlikely that one single preparation book covers all topics you will find in the exam.

“The Project Management Answer Book” – written and organized by Jeff Furman – does a terrific job in listing those “out of the box” topics, ideas, and concepts in the form of Q&A. It is very easy to read and a wonderful addition to most preparation books you will find on the market.

I would like to bring special attention to the “Test Tips” notes across Jeff Furman’s book; plus an entire chapter dedicated to “Ethics in Project Management” and great ideas to create your brain dump for the test.

I used this book alongside with Andy Crowe’s preparations book, so I did not leave any topics behind. After six months of intensive studies and preparation, I was able to succeed in the test on my first attempt.

I strongly recommend “The Project Management Answer Book” to anyone willing to take the PMP certification test.

4) A must read for preparing and passing the PMP exam

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Jennifer on February 13, 2015

On this past Tuesday I took and passed the PMP exam with flying colors in a large part because of this book. I first read the Andy Crowe book (which is excellent and I recommend as well), and then this book which I found out was a supplement to the Crowe book. The first book was helpful at supplying a medium level of learning, but the Jeff Furman book will take you to that next level of understanding (which you will need for this exam).

There are a few things about this book that I feel made the difference between getting a passing grade on the exam. The first is that the author’s writing style is easy to read and there are lots of relevant examples and stories to help make the information stick. He is also very good at sliding in humor and comments to keep you entertained which is extremely helpful because, let’s face it, this can be dry material at times.

The second is that he has specifically called out information that tends to get confusing and clarifies it… for example: pg. 82 “What is Free float, and how does it differ from float?”, pg. 144 “What is redundancy testing (as opposed to redundancy design)?, pg. “How do reserve analysis and contingency reserves tie into time and cost management?”

Third, the style of the book is perfect for ensuring that you know this information at a deep level. The Question and Answer style set-up works because asking your self questions while you are reading material is a great way to make sure you know it… so this book is like having your own study buddy to quiz you to make sure you are asking yourself those questions… and it even gives you all the answers!

If you have a basic foundation of PMP terms, then this book will take you to the next level. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to take (and pass) the exam. I would even go so far to say, if you want to pass… do not take the exam without reading this first!

5) This book gave me a pass to the PMP exam…

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Ellen Fridliand on December 16, 2015

This book gave me a pass to the PMP exam. It’s thorough, covers everything you need and personally helped me pass it. Thank you, Jeff, you really know what you’re talking about.

6) Very valuable for all PMs and extremely helpful in preparing for the PMP!

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Dominic Matar on June 7, 2015

Organized in a very reader-friendly Q&A format, the Project Management Answer Book is a fantastic resource for all project managers. The book covers each knowledge area as defined by PMI’s PMP standards sequentially, which also makes it a very powerful study tool for the PMP.

Having had the good fortune of being taught by Jeff Furman at NYU on the PMP standards, it is clear to me why this book is so effective: Jeff is tremendously passionate about project management, knowledgeable about the field in general as well as the PMI’s standards, and truly dedicated to the art of educating. Jeff’s enthusiasm energized our class and it is clearly felt in the book, which reads more like a conversation than it does a textbook.

It is also clear that this book is not only written from the point of view of an expert in project management and PMI’s material, but from that of an educator who is able to draw from years of teaching experience to focus on topics on which students tend to have questions, and who knows how to make clear the more convoluted subject matter.

As a strategy to study for the PMP, I studied this book along with the Andy Crowe, and together they made a powerful study tool. It gave me the opportunity to hear about the subject from two different and complementary angles, both of which are extremely well-written and clear. Both books also contain study and test-taking tips and strategies which proved very helpful. For what it’s worth, I passed my PMP on the first try using this strategy– so I highly recommend it!

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