5 PM Events In The Next 10 Days!

///5 PM Events In The Next 10 Days!

5 PM Events In The Next 10 Days!

1. Book Chat: with Jack Ewing – on his new book about the Volkswagen “Defeat Device Scandal”

Jack Ewing's new book comes out May 23!

Book Chat: Jack Ewing at NYU Stern (May 23)

  • Day/Date/Time: Tuesday, May 23, 6:30 PM
  • Location: NYU Stern (Tisch Hall) 40 West 4th Street
  • Author Jack Ewing interviewed live about his new book: “Faster, Higher, Farther” (The Volkswagen Scandal)
  • Twitter: #JackEwing
  • Reg. Link

2. Propelify Innovation Festival 2017 (Hoboken, NJ, Pier A, on the Hudson River)

Propelify Innovation Festival 2017 - Hoboken, NJ

Propelify Innovation Festival 2017 – Hoboken, NJ

  • Day/Date/Time: Thursday, May 18 (All Day)
  • Location: Pier A, Frank Sinatra Drive
  • Led by Aaron Price
  • Twitter: #LetsPropel #Propelify
  • Reg. Link

3. Agile NYC – May Chapter Meeting

  • Seminar: “Scrumdemic” – Learning Agile With Board Games
  • Presenters: Max Sather, Karina Mangu-Ward, Emily Hebner, Usha Gubbala
  • Day/Date/Time: Monday, June 12, 5:30 PM <== Note Date Change!
  • Location: Pace University, 163 William Street – 2nd Floor
  • Twitter: #AgileNYC #AgilePM
  • Reg. Link
Karina Mangu

Karina Mangu-Ward

Max Sather

Max Sather


Emily Hebner

Usha Gubba

Usha Gubba

4. NYC Scrum – May Scrum

  • Seminar: “If The Shu Fits Workshop” with David Liebman
  • Presenter: David Liebman
  • Day/Date/Time: Thursday, May 17, 5:30 PM
  • Location: HBC Digital, 225 Liberty Street (1 World Financial Center)
  • Twitter: #NYCScrum
  • Reg. Link
David Liebman, Agile Coach

David Liebman, Agile Coach

5. PMI NYC – May Chapter Meeting

  • Day/Date/Time: Wednesday, May 17, 5:30 PM
  • Topic: Getting The Best Out Of The Work Breakdown Structure
  • Presenter: Raju N Rao
  • Location: SUNY Global Center, 116 East 55th Street
  • Twitter: #PMINYC #PMI #PMP #CAPM
  • Reg. Link
Raju N Rao

Raju N Rao

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