Quick PMP Tip — Are You Keeping A “PMP Error Log?”

///Quick PMP Tip — Are You Keeping A “PMP Error Log?”

Quick PMP Tip — Are You Keeping A “PMP Error Log?”

You’re going for your PMP… you’re taking a good course… using a good book or two… and doing a lot of practice questions…

A BIG way to boost your productivity is as easy as it sounds:

Keep A Log Of Incorrect Answers

An Excel Sheet or Word table is perfect for this (SEE SCREEN-SHOT BELOW).

Or you might prefer a small physical notebook you can carry around and review (whenever you have a New York Minute!)

PMP Error Log (Jeff Furman, PMP)

This is a way to capture Lessons Learned  from every question you get wrong (make lemonade out of lemons!)  It helps you keep learning by going back a few days later and reviewing, when you have a fresh perspective.

It’s also a confidence-builder  (and anxiety-lowerer!) because it turns mistakes into a positive learning process. The more you do this, the less you’ll mind getting questions wrong, and the better you’ll do on your test.


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