My interview with Soma Bhattacharya about the 2nd Edition of my book (reprinted from Soma’s blogsite)

Thanks again to author / blogger / Agile Evangelist Soma Bhattacharya for interviewing me for her blog: Stepping Into PM: The Journey Continues. New Resources Pt 1 - Interview with Jeff Furman This is a special short and crisp series of posts that promise to help you get prepped up for 2015. And we start with some new [...]

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My interview with Elizabeth Harrin about the 2nd Edition of my book (our interview reprinted from her blogsite)

Thanks again to book author / blogger / program manager Elizabeth Harrin for interviewing me for her blog: A Girls' Guide To Project Management. "Project Management Answers: Interview with author Jeff Furman" by ELIZABETH HARRIN on 10/12/2014 The PMBOK® Guide v5 refresh introduced new topics for students taking the PMP exam. Jeff Furman, author of The Project Management Answer Book, has [...]

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Announcement: 2nd Edition, The Project Management Answer Book!

3 ways to order: Amazon Link In-Person at the NYU Bookstore (726 Broadway, corner of Waverly Place) Order Direct From The Publisher In the 2nd Edition, I've added: Many PMP Test Tips throughout the book in easy-to-find "call-out boxes" A new chapter on Scrum Agile (very robust chapter - 58 Q&As!) A new chapter on Stakeholder Management (new with [...]

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15 Reviews of “The Project Management Answer Book”

Here are the 15 reviews so far of my book, "The PM Answer Book." Newest Amazon Review: Mr. Morphy, Dec. 18, 2012 (Below)         Buy Now on Amazon Vicki James: PPS Holiday Reading Guide (2012) By Vicki James, PMP/CBAP, Professional Project Services (PPM) – December 8, 2012 “This is a great accompaniment [...]

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My 2 Upcoming Presentations for PMI in October!

This is an exciting October for me: I will be giving 2 presentations for PMI (one in Vancouver and one in Manhattan, details below).         Presentation #1 - PMINAC 2012 (North American Congress)  Location: Vancouver Conference Center (Vancouver, BC) Day/Date: Monday, October 22 Time: 9:30 - 10:45 Topic: "How To Teach Ethics To PMs" Session Number:  PRM#12  Link: [...]

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Free Soft-Copies of my PM Templates (to those who “Like” my book in Facebook)

I have been putting together sample PM Templates to help my PMP students over the years. I'm offering the soft-copy set of templates free to those who "Like" my book ==>  On my Facebook Fan Page  (Or if you're one of the "die-hards" who doesn't use Facebook, no prob, just send me an email and I'll [...]

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2 announcements from PMI Marketplace about my book!

==> Buy "The Project Management Answer Book" here at the PMI Discount!  And see below for 2 Announcements from PMI Marketplace about my book: 1. LINK: PM Network Magazine: 'PMI Marketplace: Featured Books'  2. LINK: PMI Marketplace Community Post    Also see...  Video: Teaching PMP at Fort Hood (Leadership Example from the Army) "Get your PMP at the [...]

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Free Guide to the Templates / Figures / Diagrams in “The PM Answer Book”

KeyFiguresFromThePMAnswerBook <== PDF The above PDF gives you a Free Guide to all the Figures, Templates & Diagrams in my book: The Project Management Answer Book. (My PMP students find this guide very helpful for quickly locating whatever they need) Also see: NYU - Fall Semester - Registration is now open for my Basic PM and PMP Prep [...]

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