Top 10 Reasons To Take Jeff Furman’s PMP Class

Top 10 Benefits of Jeff Furman's PMP class: 1. Highly-experienced PMP instructor - I've taught more than 85 weeks of PMP/CAPM (more than 550 students!) I've trained hundreds of PMs from private industry, US Federal Government, and NYC government (in Manhattan, Bethesda MD, Carlyss LA, Fremont CA, Houston TX, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC and Fort Hood TX for the US [...]

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My next Presentation Skills / Train-the-Trainer class (MCT, CTT+, ACI certifications) will be Nov. 30 – Dec. 2

This popular class prepares instructors & presenters for 3 widely-recognized certifications for trainers: 1) CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer)2) MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)3) ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) These certifications give trainers a strong edge on the job market, especially valuable in this economy.  And you'll sharpen your skills while enjoying networking with your fellow trainers, in a [...]

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Take a Presentation Skills class in the neighborhood Tony Soprano grew up in

Certifications help a lot in this economy, and trainers on the job market pick up a strong edge with the CompTIA CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer).  You'll boost your career with a certification for trainers which is widely-recognized, and permanent! And you'll learn a lot and enjoy a fun class in Tony Soprano's home neighborhood:  Newark's [...]

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Language Barrier… or Language Aid? The 13! languages supported by PMI’s Language Aids

 UPDATE - Turkish added! PMI has added a 13th Language that they support for the PMP test: Turkish! Below is my original post about the Language Aids PMI supports for their certification exams. - Jeff (6/26/2013) A little-known feature PMI provides for its PMP, CAPM and other exams is called "Language Aids."  The tests are only [...]

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Interviewed about my book by Elizabeth Harrin as part of her “Summer of Books 2011” series

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by well-known London-based book author and blogger Elizabeth Harrin: "Getting some answers: an interview with Jeff Furman" which just came out as part of Elizabeth's "Summer of Books 2011" series, on her widely-read blog: "A Girl's Guide To Project Management." Here is a photo of Elizabeth (left) interviewing [...]

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Book Review: “Managing The Black Hole: The Executive’s Guide To Software Project Risk” (Gary Gack)

For Project Managers, Program Managers and IT Executives looking to make their projects more efficient and profitable, "Managing The Black Hole: The Executive's Guide To Software Project Risk (Business Expert Publishing) is a very practical and "deep-dive" book, with a lot of valuable suggestions and tips that I think will be fresh ideas to many readers. The [...]

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Army Strong: Teaching PMP at Fort Hood

This was one of the most motivated and disciplined groups I've ever had for my PMP class. Unique Example of Leadership In The Class There were two very senior leaders in the class, both colonels who served in the Iraq War.  But as high-up and busy as they both were, they set a [...]

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…Upcoming Agile / SCRUM Events in NYC in October

1) PMI NYC Chapter - Agile Night Day/Date: October 4, 2012 Topic: "Make Your Meetings Productive And Fun!" Presenters: Daniel Mezick Location: Thomson Reuters, 195 Broadway Time: 5:30 - 7:30 Registration Link 2) New York SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) Date: (Thursday) October 11, 2012 Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Topic: A Visual Language for Requirements Engineering Presenter(s): Brian Berenbach Location: Euro RSCG [...]

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